Young Entrepreneurs – This Is How They Do It.




Please join me Monday 06/09/14 @ 8:30 PM EST Call In #917-932-1078 for theCAPBuilder Talk radio show where we will discuss Young Entrepreneurs – This Is How They Do It. Joining me this episode is Danetter Makaila, Speaker, author and fashion designer  that started a Fashion Design business andRemington Youngblood that started a Non-Profit that shows our appreciation to our soldiers and veterans. I am really excited about learning from these two young people about how they got started and how they keep going.
We are also going to talk with Stacy Vaughn and Angela Stalcup the creators of the Tadpole Tank a youth entrepreneurship program that will be starting at the APEX museum later this month.
If you have an entrepreneur child they need to listen in on this show!
TOPIC: Young Entrepreneurs – This Is How They Do It


Some of the topics we will discuss are;  
  • Youth entrepreneurship
  • How they got started
  • Their views on entrepreneurship
  • Advice to other youth on starting a business

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