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Excellence at a Minimum with Waleed Shamsid-Deen


Please join me Monday 07/14/14 @ 8:30 PM EST Call In #917-932-1078 for the CAPBuilder Talk radio show where we will discuss Excellence at a Minimum. My special guest will be Waleed Shamsid-Deen President & CEO ofShamsid-Deen & Associates. Waleed has nearly two decades of business experience. His drive, political savvy and keen insight for intelligent investments, has allowed him to establish numerous successful businesses and community-oriented ventures nationwide.
TOPIC: Excellence at a Minimum


Some of the topics we will discuss are;  
  • Telling his story
  • His newly released book “Excellence at at Minimum
  • Convert personal and business contacts to cash
  • Leverage political influence to help cultivate business success
  • Establish a professional brand synonymous with integrity