Award Winning Playwright Towonda Kilpatrick

Dignity is an original play written by award-winning playwright and
producer Towonda Kilpatrick. It explores the stories of eight African
American women struggling with depression, anxiety, and thoughts
of suicide. Dignity is a shockingly bold assessment of mental health
and its effects on families and communities. Presented by Kathleen’s
Dream, Antioch Urban Ministries and Morehouse College and Dignity opens on Saturday, March 30, 2019, 7 pm at Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel @ Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA. The Red-Carpet Experience begins at 6 pm.

The 1619 National Celebration of Black Women and Conversations with E!

Charmaine Moss the Publisher of Real Women Atlanta Magazine and Sandi Pruitt a Public Relations expert will discuss the 1619 National Celebration of Black Women.

Charmaine Moss

Charmaine Moss is a native of Charleston, South Carolina. She is the mother of one daughter, Valyncia and one granddaughter Chloe, who is 5 years of age.

In 1986, Charmaine Moss left Charleston and moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue greater opportunities for herself and her daughter who was 2 years old at the time. Shortly after arriving in Atlanta, opportunities for entrepreneurship came. For 17 years, she owned several businesses, including a public relations firm and real estate company.

In 2003, Charmaine heard the voice of the Lord and accepted her calling into ministry.  She went on to graduate from the Women’s Institute of Ministry. Two years after graduating and being ordained, she accepted a Pastoral position with the United Church of Truth, here in Conyers, Georgia. She later went on to start her own church, Providence Church International. Three years later, she was elevated and affirmed by the Lord in the Apostleship.

In 2017, God called her back to the marketplace. She is the founder of the Hero Foundation, Inc., the Global Church Chamber of Commerce, Inc., the Publisher of Real Women Atlanta Magazine and the Executive Producer of the Women in Demand Network coming in 2019 on the Xperienc On Demand Network, which will be seen in over 240 Million household across the World.

Sandi Pruitt

Sandi was born and raised in Atlanta. She attended Knoxville College where she received dual degrees in Political Science and Business Administration. After college Sandi went to work for the City of Athens and later with Family Counseling of Athens working primarily with youth. While with Family Counseling she worked closely with the schools, police and the juvenile court to develop and implement the Youth Recidivism Program (YRP) – an in-school program designed to reduce delinquency. After several years Sandi returned to Atlanta and went to work for BlueCross BlueShield. While working in corporate America Sandi realized that her true passion was being stifled and left after 10 years. She tried her hand at several small business ventures including starting and operating Food & Family, a small café and LateNite Records, a recording studio.  In 1999 Sandi co-founded Phoenix Rising Center for Women, a nonprofit that provided temporary homes for girls 8-18.  In 2007 they expanded the focus to include transitional housing for homeless female veterans. Both programs were very successful and Sandi begin receiving requests from many wanting help in starting their own nonprofit. In May 2007 she started SEPruitt Consulting specializing in nonprofit development.  In 2013 she was bought on as a consultant with People TV, Inc., Atlanta’s Public Access nonprofit TV station and became their Business & Community Affairs Manager until she left in 2016.  From 2016-2018 she worked as Director of Community Development & Outreach with Black On Purpose TV (BOPTV).  Sandi is a member of several professional organizations including the National Association of Professional Women, American Society for Public Administration, Nation Forum for Black Public Administrators, National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives and the Society for Nonprofits.  In addition to her nonprofit consulting, she is VP of Operations for Real Women Atlanta Magazine.   She also serves as Director and Co-Chairman of The Nonprofit Trinity Awards a 501(c) 3 organization that recognizes nonprofit organizations and volunteers for the work they do in our communities.  She is a Public Relations and Community Development guru who provides a wide range of services including Administrative and Management consulting; Community Outreach; Media/Public relations; strategic planning and capital development and fundraising.  SEPruitt Consulting specializes in grant writing; strategic planning; policies and procedure development, project planning, community outreach, media/public relations, along with board development.

Conversations with E’

“Conversations with E!”  takes a look at how successful people from all walks of life are building wealth and leaving a legacy for their family and community, how they manage their health and have overcome health challenges, and what they do for entertainment to maintain work-life balance.

 “Conversations with E!” is designed to ask many of the questions that everybody has, but are rarely asked in most interviews.  Yes, we’ll touch on the guest’s bio, current projects, and everything else that they pay their publicist to ensure it’s all over the Internet and social media.  However, we’ll also take a deeper dive into those parts of their life that we all have in common, but many don’t realize it because they’ve “made it!”   Their experiences and strategies will inspire and motivate our listeners that simply live blindly from day to day, and sharpen the focus of those that are well into their personal and professional journey.