The importance empowering our youth and building and sustaining wealth.

Catedra Phillips Founder of Discusses empowering our youth of today.

Shannaan Dawda, Your Financial Coach Discusses how to get and stay debt-free.



Getting You Ready For 2018

  • Janet Montgomery (From My Big Eyes) talks with a few of her past guest about their year and plans for 2018
  • Marc Parham discusses building your brand with Eshena Roman and Roy Broderick from the Intuition Consulting Firm.

From My Big Eyes Segment

Ruth Parrish WatsonPlaywright

Donnie PEntrepreneur

Leslie E. Royal, Author, Writer


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Eshena Roman, VP of Strategy, Intuition Consulting Firm

Roy Broderick, Founder, and CEO, Intuition Consulting Firm

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