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The Art of Positive Messaging in Digital Media Marketing

Luis A. Catarineau the C.E.O of THE WAY: Christian Multimedia Productions will discuss the importance of positive messaging in digital media and how his organization is working to make sure it happens.

Luis A. Catarineau is a dedicated teacher, musician, singer/songwriter, arranger, music producer, and audio engineer. He began his professional work in the entertainment industry in 2007 when he landed his first job as a studio engineer at Avalon Recording Studios in Bethesda Maryland. It was there that he met his friend and mentor Paul Minor, with whom he worked until his passing in 2012. Paul was a music producer and audio engineer who was best known for his work with Earth Wind and Fire as well as the Whispers. When Avalon closed its doors in 2010, Mr. Catarineau began a music production company, LAC Music Group LLC. At that time, he worked with mainly Go Go, Hip Hop, and R&B. Mr. Catarineau has since, started a new production company, THE WAY, which is founded on Christian Principles.
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What does wellness really look like?

The term Wellness or Health and Wellness is being used for a variety of different approaches to living a better life. The real question however is what does wellness really look like and how should it be applied for different areas of your life. Muhammad Zahir from Your Trusted Advisors will be here to discuss this very important topic getting you ready for the new year.

Walking in purpose

Dr. Janelle Davison, Optometrist


Kahlia Meeks, MBA, Entrepreneur, Author, Philanthropist

  • Ms. Meeks discusses her mission to change the lives of others and the TNY Foundation Series Concert Series Autism Night event on November 18th.

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