Love the one you are with, or not

  • CAPBuilder Min – Marc Parham discusses topics related to starting and growing your business.
  • Just The Facts Host John Moye discusses the current political environment in relation to the world today.
  • The Real View – Host Cory Henry discusses how our community is being affected by the world today.
  • Interview – Jimmie & Rachel Rogers creators of the “Relationship Real Talk” platform in order to have real and open conversations about relationships and discover how to overcome the challenges associated with them.
  • After experiencing divorce, devastation, and tragedy, divine intervention merged the lives of Jimmie and Rachel Rogers eight years ago. Their past experiences have made them extremely passionate about helping couples build healthy  and thriving marriages.  This passion inspired Jimmie and Rachel to develop Relationship Building Workshops and
    Seminars for married couples and those who desire to be married.  As a result, they created the “Relationship Real Talk” platform in order to have real and open conversations
    about relationships, and discover how to overcome the challenges associated with them.  Their focus is giving their participants biblical principles and practical tools/techniques thatwill enhance their relationship to thrive and not just survive.
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    Facebook: Jimmie and Rachel Rogers

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