Angelica Pugh, her latest movie, Cheryl Coco and Jose Marquez digital marketing

Actress Angelica Pugh discusses fulfilling her passion in the arts and the role of Agent Dana Malone in the newly released blockbuster film Fixation 2: Uprising.

Angelica Pugh, actress, choreographer, and dancer started her career by studying theater & dance at Georgia University. Fulfilling her passion in the Arts by not just performing in theatrical productions & independent films, she would become a leader in the Atlanta arts community working with organizations such as NBAF, Atlanta Public Schools and the Atlanta Beltline to name a few. Angelica is the Artistic Director & Choreographer for her non-profit dance organization Angel Le Choreography Company.

Cheryl Coco VP Marketing for Royaltie a digital marketing company and Jose Marquez, National President for Tech Latino discuss developing your “DROP THE MIC” digital marketing strategy.

Cheryl Coco
VP – Marketing


Jose Marquez, National President for Tech Latino,

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