Marketing your business online



  • Show Intro – Marc Parham
  • Event Update – Marc Parham
  • Small Biz News – Martin Pratt
  • From My Big Eyes – Janet McCloud Montgomery
  • Credit Talk – Ira Royal
  • CAPBld Min – Marc Parham
  • Guest Interview – Juanita Jones of Entrepreneurship Hacker Club discusses online marketing

Juanita R. Jones

Juanita is a 20yr+ veteran project management professional in the community development space. When taking her consulting business online, she was asked by several other small business owners if she could also help them get set up with their own online business.
Seeing this great need among entrepreneurs, Juanita set up the Entrepreneurship Hacker Club specifically to coach these struggling business owners with cutting through the noise of all the products and tools out there. Her mission is to help committed entrepreneurs to find and implement those tools that will help them get established and get profitable in the shortest amount of time. The key to your success in any business is to do the work that others are unwilling to do.
Juanita R Jones, PMP
Entrepreneurship Hacker Club
Upcoming Webinar: Executing…Like A Boss!

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