The Business of Teen Entrepreneurship


Please join me Monday 03/23/15 @ 8:30 PM EST Call In #917-932-1078 for the CAPBuilder Talk radio show where we will discuss The Business of Teen Entrepreneurship. Joining me this episode will be Danette Makaila CEO of Danette Makaila International and Dana Jewel Harris CEO of The NEXT STeps Youth Entrepreneur Program

Danette Makaila is not only the 17 – year – old CEO of Danette Makaila International, but she is also a fashion designer, actress, national speaker, and 2 time published author. Danette started her first company – Princess Jewels at age 9, making and selling sterling silver jewelry for kids.

The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that connects STEM++ philanthropists and professionals to educational resources that equip our youth with the knowledge, skills and experiences required to secure Georgia’s high demand STEM++ careers.


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