Putting Words Into Action


Please join me Monday 07/21/14 @ 8:30 PM EST Call In #917-932-1078 for the CAPBuilder Talk radio show where we will discuss Putting Words Into Action. My two special guest will beLaKisha Brooks, CEO of Brooks Enterprise and Consultants, (BE&C) a leading coaching and training company specializing in leadership development training and career coaching for “high potential “, emerging  female leaders,
Desiree Lee, professional speaker and author of the book INMATE 1142980 her personal story of “A former high school student, on her way to college in pursuit of THE AMERICAN DREAM. Quickly found herself on the wrong side of the law”. 
TOPIC: Words Into Action / Action Into Words


Some of the topics we will discuss are;  
  • Telling their stories
  • Their newly released books
  • How they are putting their words in action
  • Advice for women
  • Advice for entrepreneurs


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