Develop Your Business Idea Today!

Please join me (Monday evening @ 8:30 PM Call In #917-932-1078) for the CAPBuilder Talk radio show where we will discuss how to get that business idea out of your head and onto paper!
TOPIC: Develop Your Business Idea Today!
This being the last show of the year I wanted to make sure that going into the new year that you have no excuses on why you did not seriously look at starting a business in 2014.
I am going to use my book to break down the process of developing that business idea that you have had inside your head for the past few years.
 Some of the topics we will discuss are;
  • Simple ways to evaluate your business idea
  • Simple ways to figure out who you customers will be
  • Simple ways to determine who your competition is
  • An easy way to put it all on paper


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